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Coös County Democrat Committee Basic Positions


Affordable Housing



Adequate housing that is affordable has long been an issue in the North Country, and it has been getting worse with the conversion to temporary housing for the tourist industry (like Air B&B). While the CCDC is sympathetic to the need for rental property for a vibrant tourist industry, it must be better regulated, and adequate affordable alternative housing must be available for those in the service and low wage industries that exist in the region. 


In many cases, housing studies tend to be focussed on a need to maintain the character of a community, or providing adequate separation of residences, rather than true affordability. Planning and Zoning documents can provide restrictions to affordable multi family apartment complexes and small communities of single family or person residences. Solutions to these problems could be available at the state level, but only if our state representatives are made aware of the issues and possible solutions. 


Adequate regulation of temporary rental properties may be essential, if properly planned for, to ensure that affordable housing alternatives are not sacrificed for the expediency of tourist dollars, particularly when property conversions do not include adequate allowances for dining establishments in the area. 


The CCDC is a proponent of state level regulations to help ensure that town planning and zoning can facilitate the needs of the low income, elderly, veterans, and homeless residents of our communities, while ensuring adequate growth potential exists to support the needs of the tourists communities that are a vital part of our local economies. 

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