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Coös County Democrat Committee (CCDC) Basic Positions


LGBTQ+ Support


The Coos County Democrat Committee fully supports the LGBTQ Community. 


To help emphasize this, we recently named as our Vice Chair an individual who is not only an active member of the LGBTQ community in the North Country, she is herself Transgendered.  Being LGBTQ is not, as some have said, a “lifestyle”, or a “choice”;  medical science is coming to the conclusion that there is no one single “gay gene”, but a number of genes that contribute to one being LGBTQ. It is not a “choice” as some contend - it is something that you are born as, an innate sense of your being. Many LGBTQ people realize that they are LGBTQ at a young age - often by 4 or 5, and it is not something that is learned, nor are you “convinced” of this, and it is not a fad. It is part of the essence of your existence, and unless you have experienced this firsthand, you have no idea how this feels to one who is LGBTQ.


There is a national level drive that is intended to exclude and essentially erase LGBTQ people, and to push them back “in the closet”. In New Hampshire, legislation has been introduced that will mandate that students who seek to transition while in school, require schools to notify the parents of the child that there is an effort to change the gender and possibly name of the student, how they would seek to be addressed while at school. It is viewed by some as a “parents rights” issue, that parents should be able to control this aspect of their child’s life.  


The concern of those in the LGBTQ community is that if the child felt that it was “safe” for them to come out to their parents, they would, and the fact that they would seek a social transition at school demonstrates that they fear the reaction to this news from their parents. Suicide rates for young people who identify as LGBTQ are high, and this law would only serve to increase this. Children hear what their parents (and their parents friends) say regarding the LGBTQ community - they are an “abomination”, they should be “killed”, they should be wiped off the face of the planet. The CCDC is not a proponent of this legislation, or any other legislation that is intended to limit the rights of any LGBTQ+ member of society.

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