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Coös County Democrat Committee Basic Positions

Womans Reproductive Health

Politicians have no business dictating the limits of reproductive care for women, to include the highly personal decision to terminate any pregnancy.


Contrary to reported positions and open source statements from Republican politicians, Democrats do not believe or accept the likelihood of conducting an abortion after the birth of a fetus. As a matter of fact, 93% of abortions occur within the first trimester, 6% between 14 and 20 weeks, and 1% for over 21 weeks. (Source:


This is not a question for any religion to answer, or the great moral thinkers of our day. It is the sole realm of the mother to decide, or the fetus, in the case of a stillbirth or miscarriage. The reasons why do not matter, except to those Souls directly involved.


This issue also applies to any form of reproductive care that a woman may need or seek. It is often the case where politicians make decisions that apply only to women, and these decisions are often detrimental to women in some way; in some cases, contraception is limited, even when contraception itself is used for purposes other than the prevention of a pregnancy. In other situations, screenings for cancer and other diseases are limited or denied because of the unwillingness to fund organizations that do these specific kinds of medical assessments. The decisions made by politicians include levying taxes on period products, limitations involving medical procedures involving a women’s reproductive system, or other statements that show a clear lack of understanding of the basic workings of a woman’s body. Women deserve the same levels of care, opportunities, and level of respect as men in all aspects of their medical care, and politicians have no part to play in this expect for ensuring that proper health care is funded.



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